Seasonal Savings and Support – Enhanced Colleague

Seasonal Savings and Support – Enhanced Colleague

Exclusively for all colleagues, Your Co-op has some exciting news to share about changes to the discount benefits over the festive period and beyond!

We know winter is a hard time for many, with this year in particular being a challenge. We’ve pulled together as a Co-operative and, as announced by Phil, we’ve listened to ensure that we understood the real needs of colleagues and what we could do to help at this time.

See below the number of enhanced discounts across our trading groups to help colleagues save more:

From Friday 18th November until the end of December our colleague will save:

- 20% off your shopping at Your Co-op Food

- 20% off Healthcare at cooppharmacy.coop

Until the end of January 2023 our colleagues will save:

- Up to £500* off your next holiday at Your Co-op Travel

- £210 off* Superfast Broadband at Your Co-op Broadband. Plus sign up before end of January 2023 and get a £50 Your Co-op Food Voucher

We’ve even increased our Childcare discount:

- 60% off* Childcare fees for all colleagues in Year one at Your Co-op Little Pioneers it will then be 40% in year 2 & 30% in year 3